LFE Selection De Familia Merlot 埃德华兹私家特级珍藏梅罗特

LFE Selection De Familia Merlot 埃德华兹私家特级珍藏梅罗特


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Variety 葡萄品种

100% Merlot   100%梅罗特


Vineyards (and yield)

This Merlot grows in our Puquillay farm with yields between 8-10 ton/ha, the canopy management is focused on getting good ventilation conditions and well controlled light in order to ensure ripeness, color and health.



Our farm in Puquillay is mainly composed  by loamy soils in the flat areas and light sandy soils in the hills, that tend to be fast draining with low water retention capacity, relying on irrigation to effectively control the water supply. The differences between the conditions of soil among our farm gave us the chance to choose the best variety for every spot obtaining many components with different characteristic to make the best wine out of our grapes in every point.  A 15% of this wine comes from grapes grown in Casablanca which is a cooler area with light soils and lower temperatures that gives to our Merlot fresh fruit characters.



We usually have long ripening periods, often without rains.  The Colchagua Valley enjoys a moderate temperature climate. A gentle marine influence creates a balancing effect between warmer daytime and cooler night time temperatures. This valley has 4 well marked seasons with rains between June and September and a long dry season between November and March. The temperature differences go up to 22ºC between day and night giving excellent conditions for grape growing specially red varieties.


The grapes were harvested during the third and 4th week of March. The grapes were in great conditions, ripe and healthy.

Aging 陈年

12 months in new and second use barrels.



Tasting Notes 品尝特征

This lovely wine is an elegant and fruity expression of a well done Merlot. In the nose is an explosion of strawberry, mocha, toffee, plums, well married with the oak and the freshness given by the Casablanca component. In the mouth feels soft, round and persistent.



Alcohol: 14%


Acidity: 5.8 g/L


pH.: 3.3


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