Pupilla Sauvignon Blanc 埃德华兹酒园菩裴拉颂维翁布朗克

Pupilla Sauvignon Blanc 埃德华兹酒园菩裴拉颂维翁布朗克

此款长相思爽口活泼,秀有柑桔和甜瓜的味道。同时还有热带水果,梨的愉悦气息。从头至尾都是那么自然清新。 炎炎夏日里,来一杯缓解胃部的烦躁,非它莫属。

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Tasting Notes

This crispy and vibrant Sauvignon Blanc shows citrus and melon aromas. These are followed by pleasant flavours of tropical fruit and pear on the palate which is fresh and lively through to the end. Try it as an aperitif on a summers day, or pair with salads, grilled fish, oysters and mild flavoured cheeses.

此款长相思爽口活泼,秀有柑桔和甜瓜的味道。同时还有热带水果,梨的愉悦气息。从头至尾都是那么自然清新。 炎炎夏日里,来一杯缓解胃部的烦躁,非它莫属。搭配沙拉,烤鱼,牡蛎和软乳酪也是不错的选择。

Vineyard Notes

The grapes for this Sauvignon Blanc are grown in specially selected vineyards in some of the best locations in the Chilean Central Valley, which are carefully man­aged by our viticultural and winemaking teams. The vines yield approximately 10 to 12 tonnes per hectare. The unique geography of the Central Valley creates the ideal climate for grape growing, especially during the summer months (November – March) when the marine breeze from the Pacific Ocean and the winds from the Andes mountains cool the vineyards and allow the grapes to mature slowly, giving maximum fruit concentration.

Vintage Report

Hand harvested in March at their optimum ripeness, the grapes were picked early in the morning and handled with the utmost care - transported to the win­ery in small cases, then de-stemmed and gently pressed with very low pressure in a protective atmosphere - in order to preserve the natural acidity and varietal fruit characters.

Winemaking Report & Analysis

Fermented in stainless steel tanks for approximately 3 weeks, the fermentation temperature is controlled between 15-16 ºC to maximize fruit expression.  The wine was then kept on fine lees for a further 2 months to gain more complexity and enhance the mouthfeel.

Alcohol: 13%

Acidity: 5.2 g/l


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