Napa Valley Chardonnay 纳帕谷莎当妮

Napa Valley Chardonnay 纳帕谷莎当妮

* Gold medal at the 30th Riverside International Wine Competition

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  • 销售价: ¥398
  • 节省: ¥70

* Gold medal at the 30th Riverside International Wine Competition

This characteristic Chardonnay starts off with aromas of freshly picked apricots and sweet honey. The fruit theme continues with scents of crisp green apples and just peeled lemon zest followed by hints of vanilla and crème brûlée. Full bodied, with beautiful balance, this Napa Valley Chardonnay with flavors of ripe peach, pear, vanilla and crisp Myers lemon are perfectly balanced leaving your palate with a clean, crisp finish.
初尝这款莎当妮您可以品到着新鲜的杏仁和甜香的蜂蜜的味道, 继而您有可以感受到她的果味, 甜脆的青苹果和刚刚去皮的柠檬香, 还有淡淡的香草味儿夹杂其中. 酒体饱满,桃,梨以及香草的果味均衡,确口感清爽洁净.
Food Recommendation:
This Chardonnay is perfect for a summer afternoon - slightly chilled it is refreshing to drink this wine on its own or while grilling fresh salmon or sea bass with fresh herbs.
在一个夏日的午后,您将这款莎当妮适当冰镇后饮用,带给您的是无限的清凉和爽快. 她也是新鲜的三文鱼或银鳕鱼的最佳搭档.
Winemaker's Notes:
The long summer weather was mild and moderate, encouraging extra growth, increased berry size with heavier and tighter clusters. This cooler climate was perfect for Chardonnay and some say the grapes have the best flavors since the replanting of the vineyards in the late 1980's.
经过一个温和而又漫长的夏季,果实日渐饱满. 这种凉爽的夏日气候最适宜莎当妮葡萄的生长. 有人说这是自80年代末酒园重新种植后产出的味道最好的葡萄.



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