Pupilla Carmenere 埃德华兹酒园菩裴拉佳美娜

Pupilla Carmenere 埃德华兹酒园菩裴拉佳美娜


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Tasting Notes

This deep coloured Carmenere is well balanced, with soft ripe tannins, and full of juicy berry fruit with a touch of spice. 


Vineyard Notes

The grapes for this Carmenere are grown in specially selected vineyards in some of the best locations in the Chilean Central Valley, which are carefully managed by our viticultural and winemaking teams. The vines yield approximately 10 to 12 tonnes per hectare. The unique geography of the Central Valley creates the ideal climate for grape growing, especially during the summer months (November – March) when the marine breeze from the Pacific Ocean and the winds from the Andes mountains cool the vineyards and allow the grapes to mature slowly, giving maximum fruit concentration.

Vintage Report

After a long and warm ripening period, the grapes were harvested at the end of the vintage in late April to give them time to fully mature and to develop the characteristic spicy and berry fruit characters. 

Winemaking Report & Analysis

The grapes were de-stemmed and crushed, then fermented in stainless steel tanks

with selected yeasts at 26º - 28º C for one week.  The wine is then pressed off the

skins. In order to maximise the primary fruit expression, this Carmenere has not

been aged in oak.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Acidity: 4.8 g/l


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