Doña Bernarda...
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Château Bois de Roc Reserve...
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Châteauneuf du Pape Rouge AOC...
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圣达美隆特级干红 Cotes...
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Vinos Del Sur Reserve Carmenere 灵魂庄园手工酿制珍藏佳美娜  
Vinos Del Sur Reserve Carmenere 灵魂庄园手工酿制珍藏佳美娜
Deep ruby red with purple reflections. Intense nose with blackberry and plumbs followed by hints of tobacco and caramel. On the palate this wine is round and generous with blended tannins and a sweet caramel finish
  • ¥258市场价: ¥316
  • 节省:¥58
Vinos Del Sur Merlot 灵魂庄园手工酿制窖选美乐  
Vinos Del Sur Merlot 灵魂庄园手工酿制窖选美乐
Plum and blackberry aromas appear that are characteristic of Chilean Merlot. It is well balanced and has a medium body with soft tannins. This wine evolves into an elegant finish.
  • ¥198市场价: ¥256
  • 节省:¥58
Arrebol Carmenere 灵魂庄园佳美娜  
Arrebol Carmenere 灵魂庄园佳美娜
This Carmenére has a deep red color with violet tones and hints of dried plums and green peppers. This Carmenere makes an ideal partner to a wide variety of red meat and game dishes, ripe cheeses and even chocolate deserts. Drink at room temperature
  • ¥128市场价: ¥158
  • 节省:¥30
Arrebol Sauvignon Blanc 灵魂庄园长相思  
Arrebol Sauvignon Blanc 灵魂庄园长相思
Our Sauvignon Blanc is a mild medium-bodied wine characterized by it's pale yellow color and it's moderately intense tropical fruit aroma. On the palate this wine is round and pleasant with an ideal level of acidity.
  • ¥128市场价: ¥158
  • 节省:¥30

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